Certified Copies of Vital Records

Certified copies of birth, death, and marriage records are available at $10 per copy.

Certificates may be requested by mail, by downloading the Vital Record Request Form (PDF) and submitting with the required fee payable to the Town of Merrimac and a self-addressed stamped return envelope. Requests may also be picked up at Town Hall by ordering the certificate by phone or form. Walk-in requests will be accepted but you will have to wait while the certificate is prepared.

Birth Records
Birth records will be on file if the individual was born in the Town of Merrimac, or the parents were residing in town at the time of birth. A birth record is not accessible to the general public if the parents were unmarried at the time the child was born (and have not since married and amended the birth record), or if the father does not appear on the record. When this is true, only the mother, father, (if listed) or the child may request a certificate. Identification will be required. If the record requested by mail requires identification then include a photocopy of a driver’s license or government-issued photo ID.

Identification is not required for other records.

Marriage Records
Marriage records will be on file if the parties applied for the license in the Town of Merrimac. For more in-depth information view the How to Obtain a Marriage License (PDF).

Death Records
Death records are available for individuals who died in the Town of Merrimac or were residents of the town at the time of death.