Contact Information for a Public Record

Note: You should contact the Governmental Body that generated the record. The contact and record type are listed below:
Contact Record
Assessor Property Records / Tax Maps / Abatement's
Board of Health
Septic Systems / Landfill Inquiries
Board of Selectmen
Board Minutes
Appointments for Boards / Commissions / Committees
Conservation Agent Wetlands Protection Laws
Commission Minutes
Dock Records
Finance Director Financial Affairs
Budget Information
Inspectional Services Building Permits / Plans
Electrical / Plumbing / Gas Permits
Pentucket Regional School Superintendent
All School Related Matters / K-12
School Committee Records
Planning Board Board Minutes
Appointments for Boards / Commissions / Committees
Planning Board Board Minutes
Sub-Division Records
Plans / Maps
Tax Collector Tax Records / Excise / Real Estate / Personal Property
Town Accountant Accountant Payable
Escrow Records / Planning / Sewer / Appeals
Town Clerk Vital Record
Elected Officials
Zoning Board of Appeals Filings and Decisions
Business Certificates / Flammable Storage Records
Dog License Records / Annual Reports / Historical Records  
Voter Records/ Street Listing
Planning Board Minutes
Board of Health Minutes
Zoning Board of Appeals