What do the assessors look at when determining an assessment?
The assessor collects many data elements about a property in order to develop the total valuation. The most significant factors in determining the value are location and land area and style, quality, size, condition and age of the building(s).

Other factors include amenities or detriments on the land as well as features in the building such as number of bathrooms, type of heating/cooling, interior/exterior finishes, and special features including fireplaces, saunas and jacuzzi's. Also considered are detached structures.

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1. Where can I find the detail on my property?
2. What do the assessors look at when determining an assessment?
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4. How can my assessed value increase or decrease when I did not do anything to the property in 5 years and I am not selling the property?
5. What will happen if I put an addition on my property? Are the actual construction costs of a new home used to determine the new assessment?
6. Why did my valuation change from the prior year’s valuation more or less than my neighbor’s?
7. I think my assessment is out of line with my neighbor’s property, whose property is assessed lower. I want my assessment to be as low as theirs.
8. I recently purchased my home for a price which is different than the valuation for this year. How is this possible?