Affordable Housing Board of Trustees


  • The Board meets bi-monthly on Thursday's as needed.
  • Merrimac Town Hall. 4 School Street. Merrimac, MA 01860


NameTerm Expiration
Sandy Venner, Chair06/2024
Brienne Walsh06/2024
Phil Parry
Colleen Fiorello06/2024
Dawn Young06/2023
Holly Moran06/2023
Ben Beaulieu06/2023


The Affordable Housing Board of Trustees was established to provide for the creation and preservation of affordable housing for the benefit of low- and moderate-income households in Merrimac.  It is the goal of the Board to increase the availability of housing in Merrimac that meets the state standard for affordability while retaining the nature of our community.

The Board of Trustees is to be composed of five to seven members including a representative from the Board of Selectmen.  Through the years, the Board has sought input from Merrimac residents and worked with consultants to draft the five-year Housing Production Plans for affordable housing that effectively serves Merrimac residents.  Below is a link to the 2018-2023 Housing Production Plan approved by the state Department of Housing and Community Development.

For more information about the activities of the AHBT, contact Sandra Venner ph. #978-346-4529 or send her an email

To inquire about the current availability of affordable housing units in Merrimac, contact the Merrimac Housing Authority at ph.# 978-388-2022 or the Citizen’s Housing and Planning Association (CHAPA) at ph. # 617-701-7498.

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