Tax Collector

Real Estate and Personal Property

The 3rd quarter real estate and personal property bills will be mailed 12/31/21 and are due 2/1/22

Payment Drop Box

Drop box for payments is located to the right of the front doors of the Town Hall.
Tax Rate
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MLC Information

Please send letter of request to: 

Tax Collector. 4 School Street. Merrimac, MA 01860.

Include the following information:

  • Property address 
  • Current owner 
  • New owner, if applicable (when the MLC request is for a sale) 
  • Self-addressed stamped envelope Check for $25 made out to the Town of Merrimac (fee amount is the same for residential and commercial properties)

Please make sure the request is made in a timely fashion. The Collector has 10 days to furnish the MLC beginning with the first full day after written submission of the request is received, excluding Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

Beginning 7/1/21 Century Bank will be processing real estate and personal property tax payments in addition to excise payments.

The mailing address for payments is P.O. Box 462, Reading, MA 01867-0862


You have four options for paying your bill(s)


  1. Please mail your payment, along with the bill, to the lockbox address on your bill.
    1. Payments sent to the lockbox must include a bill to be processed.
    2. Your payment will be processed on the day it is received providing the corresponding bill or bills are included.
    3. Checks arriving without the corresponding bill or bills, including checks sent from your bank using a bill pay service, are NOT processed through the lockbox and will be mailed to the Tax Collector’s office at Town Hall. This will delay the payment processing.
  2. You may leave your payment in the payment drop box at Town Hall. 
    1. Please be sure to include the corresponding bill or bills.
  3. You may mail your payment to the Tax Collector’s office at Town Hall.
    1. Please include the corresponding bill or bills.
    2. Please note checks sent to us using a bill pay service through your bank requires extra time to process. The bill(s) must be looked up and printed in our office.
  4. You may pay online through Unipay by visiting the Town’s website